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Lilac Mermaid Art Doll
Lilac Mermaid Art Doll
Collectible mermaid art dolls exclusively handcrafted by fantasy artist Sherri Forrester Baldy.

About the artist: Sherri Forrester Baldy has been a creator of art from the time she was a little girl. Sherri sold her first works of art to her 5th grade teacher. Her mother gave her oil pastels and art pads, then her whole world changed. She was found doing her art (her one true love) every moment she could slip away. Her mother was her biggest fan. Her mother would fall in love with every new piece of art work, encouraging Sherri to keep developing her art and her dreams.In 1985 Sherri started designing a jewelry line, stores were soon calling and asking for her designs. Sherri developed the line into clothing that soon was being sold every where. The line "Passion Designs" was being worn at the Country Music Awards. Sherri has had such fun designing things like Designer Bandaids to elegant bath lines. But her love for fantasy and whim could not be kept silent.

She then started designing dolls again like she did as a little girl with her grandmother. Cloth dolls then sculpting in German clays, leading her deep into the fantasy world again. Her fairy and mermaid art was soon born and is now available in prints, greeting cards, original paintings and sculpted works of art. Her mother started promoting Sherri's art and quickly had her original sculpters being sold within 72 hrs in stores like the Ritz Carlton Hotel gift shops. Sherri was soon entering dolls shows and competitions and placing first place. She is proud to say her art is now being sold around the world.

Sherri's inspiration for these whimsical worlds comes from her lifelong love of fantasy. As a little girl she danced and played with imaginary fairies, and swam with invisible mermaids. She pushed her beloved frogs and toads in her baby buggy and collected snails from under the garden leaves. Her studio is now in her home town of San Clemente, California is surrounded by the beach, which provides her with wonderful visions of mermaids, fairies, dragons, castles and more.

Fabric, beads, sea shells.

Doll measures 10.5" long.

Item #SBML

  • $14.95

  • Copyright 1989-2009 {Mystic Unicorn} All rights reserved.