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Purple Lace
Purple Lace
About the artist: Nene Tina Thomas began her professional career in 1994 when she was approached by wizards of the Coast to contribute work to the popular card game, "Magic: the Gathering", Her work with Wizard's of the Coast can still be seen in the forth and fifth expansions, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, Homelands and the new "Magic: The Gathering" CD ROM Game. Some of the other card games that feature her work are Shadowfist, Legend of the Five Rings, Galactic Empires, Tempest of the Gods, Wyrmwars, Gridiron, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, Xenophiles, and Battlelords of the 23rd Century.

She has completed cover or interior artwork for many publications including Cryptech, Paper Mayhem, The Leading Edge and Scrye Magazine. Nene's collectors come from every walk of life as well as nearly every age group. They are all drawn to the beauty, grace, and lyricism of her exquisite paintings, all rendered in watercolor. This is an exceptionally difficult medium few can master!

Nene continues to smash through preconceived notions of what a watercolor painting should look like with her exuberantly colorful award wining pieces such as Wisdom or Always. Nene's style has been described as "...masterful paintings of startling complexity, as she is unafraid to chart new waters and blaze new trails...". Nene's paintings have a mass appeal that both compliments & transcends the fantasy market. What will the future bring Nene's? One thing is certain, she will not be content to rest on her laurels!

Nene Currently lives in Oklahoma City with her husband Steven Plagman, who is also her framer and fancy mat cutter. Nene spends her days sketching, researching, painting and playing with her six cats, Shadowfax, Snowmane, Amber, Blackfel, Leilani and Night Shade. She has three sisters and two brothers, all of them artistic and musically talented. She doesn't smoke, drink, swear, or gamble, - but she is horribly addicted to Ice skating, The Sims, and Heroes of Might and Magic. Aw, no one's perfect!

8.5" high x 11" wide print with clear sleeve protective cover.

Item #NTP225

  • $12.95

  • Copyright 1989-2006 {Mystic Unicorn} All rights reserved.